The network for climate protection through Carbon Removal

The cr.hub is an international network on the topic of carbon removal and negative emission technologies (NETs).

cr.hub provides free webinars on carbon dioxide removal (cdr): technologies and solutions, companies and projects, policy and regulation, carbon markets and climate strategies.

cr.hub provides targeted contacts and knowledge to accelerate the development of carbon removal projects and promote investment into the sector.

We are the point of contact for all players in the sector, from suppliers and start-ups in the field of carbon removal, to policymakers, academia, industry and emitters, as well as investors and banks.

We act in a science-based, neutral, independent and transparent manner.

What we offer

Structured exchange between different players in the sector.

Increased exposure and presentation of your company in the network.

Targeted mediation of contacts.

Overview of current events on carbon removal.

News, information and knowledge from the sector.

This is where the sector exchanges ideas

cr.hub is a network of diverse players with the common goal of accelerating the development of NETs. It offers its members a platform for a structured exchange on current topics in the sector. Cooperations between members allow the development of synergy potentials and the scaling of carbon removal projects.

Stay up to date

Our monthly newsletter contains references to events on carbon removal and NETs as well as current analyses. In addition, we present a new carbon removal project in each newsletter and refer to the latest scientific articles and news in the industry.