Climate-neutrality through Carbon Removal

cr.hub and its members share the vision of a climate-neutral economy, which is also made possible by the large-scale deployment of negative emission technologies (NETs). They need to be deployed where climate-neutral alternative technologies do not (yet) exist or have not yet reached the market maturity to replace their fossil fuel predecessors. This requires a market environment that favors the standardization, affordability, and deployability of NETs, reinforces learning effects, mobilizes investments, and prepares the various solutions for their large-scale deployment.

Our mission is to accelerate the global adoption and commercial viability of NETs. We are building a network for carbon removal projects, emitting companies, investors, and regulators to increase mutual awareness and drive investment in NETs. The network is the dialogue platform for disseminating sector-specific information, expertise and data. Towards representatives of politics and civil society, the cr.hub bundles and communicates the positions of its members to increase visibility beyond the sector.

Who is behind the cr.hub

We are a team of engineers, IT developers, economists, and industry experts working to advance the next generation of CleanTech innovation.


Simon Göß

Engineer, Strategy and Cooperations

Simon is expert and experienced trainer on topics related to the energy transition and energy markets, trading and policy.

At cr.hub, Simon is the contact person for cooperations and responsible for strategic development.

He represents cr.hub in international committees (Greenhouse Gas Protocol, TSVCM) defining and establishing standards and guidelines for carbon removal solutions.


Hendrik Schuldt

Economist, Strategy Development

Hendrik uses his expertise on climate policy, financial markets, and emissions offsetting to advance the carbon removal agenda.

Within cr.hub, Hendrik is the contact person for corporates and responsible for the development of the

Johannes Pölzl

Consultant, Public Platform Strategy

Years of experience in energy topics such as green hydrogen motivate him to achieve a similar networking of market players for the field of negative emissions.

As an entrepreneur, investor and strategy consultant with IT expertise, he has the background for building and engaging various stakeholders in building cr.hub operations.

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